Sunday, January 6, 2013


My farewell talk is next week.. pretty nervous for it because I'm hoping everything runs smoothly and people do come out. I kinda wish I changed it to the 20 or 27, closer to my report date. The only reason I had it so early was because one of my friends was supposed to come out and sing but now she can't make it.

It's crazy how close my report date is, yet I feel so unprepared. I think mostly cuz I stay busy working everyday all day. I need to start working out again because I'm pretty sure, I'm going to get fatter in the mtc haha can't wait till I'm walking everywhere in Hong Kong. In one month, this time I'll be doing nothing but studying and eating everyday. I really do hope my family gets blessed and I hope no big tragedies occur while I'm away. I also hope people don't forget about me lol but it's my birthday on Tuesday and I decided to just work all day. I'm turning 21 but unlike my nonmember friends I have very different things to celebrate. I definitely know if it wasn't for the gospel I would probably be doing the same things they're doing. Or I'd still be in Hong Kong, or not even exist! Omg the gospel has really blessed my life in so many ways.

Tomorrow after work I'm going to the chiropractor again, he really keeps urging me to get an MRI because my back is healing too slow and he thinks I've got a slipped disk. I got a blessing today at church, I really hope that helps. MRIs are freaking expensive haha

Yesterday we kinda had a temple day with my parents and my bro and sister in law. But me and my bro stayed in the vc and he was teaching me ping yam but after we all went to this outlet mall in Livermore and then went out for sushi after as my birthday dinner but it was nice and fun having my whole family spend time together all day. I'll definitely miss that.

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