Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Post Mission Life..

So I've been back from my mission for almost three months...I didn't realize how many missionaries in my mission had mission blogs and feel so left out haha but it's all good. I've been really bad at journal writing since I've been back as well...but so far in my life. So my boyfriend from before the mission, we're all pau. Which I am eternally grateful for! Firstly, the break up helped me understand and deepen my testimony in the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Secondly, it's crazy how much love blinds us. There were red flags that I would ignore because I thought he might change or that I shouldn't judge, etc. But looking at how his life has panned out so far.. I AM SO HAPPY AND EXCITED FOR MY FUTURE!!
And so, right now I'm working at a tutoring center. I've kind of transitioned alright. I mean it's hard for everyone, but I'm okay. The first couple days after the mission, it's awkward having free time and no tag to point to when I introduce myself. I'm not sure if I'm just over introducing myself to everyone, but I don't introduce myself to everyone now. I still smile and say hi to people in public, my parents laughed at me for the first few times haha I really like working at the tutoring center, I work with 3rd graders. I have some favorites, one gave me a gel pen and today he gave me a hot cheeto. I've been on two dates. No comment, except for I still need time to adjust haha
In January, I'm moving to Utah (I never thought that would happen) but I'm going to Salt Lake City and attending LDSBC. I am pretty excited! We're like a block away from Temple Square and I went and visited the campus earlier this month. I really like the Spirit I felt there. Each church school has a different Spirit, but I definitely felt really good at this one in LDSBC.
I'm attending the local YSA ward, it has been good so far. The ward is doing really well from what it was two years ago..some of us in the ward are trying to get this ward to be the new hot spot haha and it's late so I will be pau and go mohe.

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