Tuesday, October 23, 2012

almost there

so i just finished my interview with my stake president and once i finish up my part of my mission application we're basically almost and ready to hook! and just for fun at the end pres criddle wanted to guess where i'd get sent. so he guessed new york south or singapore. so let's see if he's right in a couple months yeah? i'm sooo excited!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


i found my medical forms!!! now i just gotta clean my room and get rid of clothes ..i seriously never realized how much clothes i have. it's ridic, i blame my clothes hoarding on my mother

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


i miss this, this was from my new years trip with my parents this year.


yay! so me just being a super super SUUUUPER part time student, i sleep allllll the time ahaha but today my dad called me at 11 and about half an hour later i got a call from the hr guy at the company i had applied and interviewed for saying i got the job! i am sooooo excited yet scared and nervous! 3 out of 5 days i'm going to be working 9-5 and the place i'm working at is about half an hour away in oakland so i'm probably going to be taking bart. i'm even thinking about getting a membership to 24 because there's a gym right by the office i am going to be working at! getting skinny AND being responsible! :O and my boo comes this weekend! the weekend right before i start at this place i am sooooo excited for life right now. :) ps should be submitting my mission papers by the end of the month! ..i just gotta find my medical forms again i ALWAYS had them right by my bed and now i no can find. eh irrrits.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


so i really enjoy my alone time and I don't mind going shopping or being seen in public alone. so today after class i went to el pollo loco for the first time!

 it was pretty good and after i went to target and got these two cute items that I'm pretty excited to wear..
i just need new pants lol


so i had another blog once upon a time, and since then have not posted sooooo i decided i probably should start using one again and since i like fresh starts, i made a new one. plus that blog was linked to my old email.

buuuuut so idk how to start this. do i introduce myself? uh i was born in kahuku, hi and then was raised in the bay area california.. and lived in utah (aka bootah) and canada in-between, but those arent really important. after high school i attended byu-hawaii and worked out in laie and then moved back to the bay like two months ago because i had started to work on my mission papers. and this past general conference they announced that the age for missions has changed lol uh i could've been back by now. but i guess i'm dating this awesome guy but he's four hours away in reno. but he is an rm and it's kind of crazy how fast and different my life has changed in the past 3 or 4 months

so this past weekend was general conference and i totally went out to utah with my parents to surprise him and he is going to remain unnamed unless you're my friend on facebook then you'll see his name ahahaha but here's a picture cuz we're totally cute

 lately i've been super homesick for hawaii and i hate (not really) that instagram has the photomap feature because i totally have choke pics in hawaii and i was looking through them and getting all sad and teary-eyed. okay well that's all that i'm going to post for now haha i have class. rahj