Saturday, November 17, 2012

New Chapter in My Life

So.. yesterday I got my mission call!!!!! I've been called to the China Hong Kong mission for my church! I report January 30, sooo basically in 2 and a half months. I'm glad I'm not reporting way later then my availability date, I was scared I was going to get sent out later ever since they've changed the age for missionaries to serve.

I remember how it went down too, because I was at work and I had JUST tweeted about it. Something like how I wasn't even stressing about getting my call until I kept getting texts from my friends asking if I had received it yet. And like literally five minutes after, my dad calls me and is like "it's here" and I remember asking him "ARE YOU SERIOUS DONT JOKE ARE YOU JOKING?!?!?" and he just responds super monotone and in Chinese he goes, "I don't have time to joke around, it's really here" and I could just see him making this face -______- ahahahha and it was about 4:30 or 4:45pm with me getting off work at 5pm, I just kept tweeting and going crazy and texted everyone!

The bart ride home was sooooooo crazy haha I was torn between opening my call that night or the next day with some a couple friends and family but I decided to just open it that night and my sister in law recorded it. So my brother and sister in law picked me up from bart and we had to make a quick stop and my sister in law asked if I had read my patriarchal blessing, because sometimes it gives clues as to where you'll get assigned, and so I keep this super tiny printout in my wallet and I read it and I remember thinking "omg this was the best idea ever, to read my patriarchal blessing before I go home and open my call" but I got home and I just remember opening it, looking to where I was called to and laughing because just the night before I was talking to my brother and even said, "you know what, even if I get called to Hong Kong, I'd be fine with it. Because we have so much family there so I'd get fed all the time AAAAAND I'll lose hecka weight from walking and the humidity" And so opening my call I couldn't help but laugh. Especially because my brother served there and this was about to be BYU-Hawaii all over again. "Ohhh you're Luke's little sister?!" I would answer yes, but over time I just started saying no lol but oh well I'm excited :) I even have my farewell date! My two really good friends from BYU-Hawaii are trying to come down for that! AHHH SO excited for life!

Moments right before I opened my call!

Friday, November 16, 2012

" center is fun!"

Last night I went to go see an advanced screening of Rise of the Guardians! I love getting free passes for advanced screenings of movies! This was my..third one? But it was super good and a great movie for kids to see.

I'm signed up through this website, gofobo and they emailed me about a movie playing in Hawaii and I was like" oh yeahhh I forgot about this website" and so I searched up my Cali zip and there was one for this week, so I rsvp'd! And there were special instructions to "bring a toy to cut to the front of the line" and my brother picked me up from Bart right after work and we went and met his wife and she said there was a huuuge line and just as we got there they were slowly letting people in. But I had followed the special instructions and brought three stuffed animals!! So we got to cut everyone and we felt cool ahah but yeah the movie was cute, witty and the animation was really good! We even got Chipotle after, and I was happy because I haven't had it in foreverrrr! But I really need to start working out again.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


so i stalk photography websites and they make sooooooooo jeaous when i see engagement/wedding/baby photos -______________-

its okay, i'm still young right? :')

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Today's outfit I posted on ig! Kbye

neglection already

sooooo many times i'm like "oooh i gotta update my blog" and then i get really tired and forget ahaha but lets see..
 i submitted my mission papers about two or three sundays ago and i should be getting my call this week! i am super excited and i just made a facebook event so people can guess and then when i do get my call i'll be able to just post it there for them to see!  so smart lol it's pretty funny to see where people are thinking i'll go. but i'm pretty sure i'm going stateside and i'm okay with that. but i'm actually secretly typing this at work because i'm here alllll the time. working that 9-5!

oh i finally made it official with my boo.. ahah after like two months of talking to him like we were together i told him how i didn't really feel the need to be 100% committed to him because it's not official and so he was like "i don't see why not" and i was like "....i'll think about it" ahahahaha but i went to see him two sundays ago in sacramento and then we made it official. it's crazy how fast and natural things have been with him. i'm so grateful and blessed for him and that the Lord blessed me with him. i'm actually super excited for life haha but i've told him that if it doesn't work out and he finds another girl on the mission then that's fine and its all in the Lord's plan. but when people ask me why i don't just marry him right now its like. no. my plan was to go on a mish and 18 months is nothing compared to forever. -___- and it was pretty interesting on sunday, i was texting my friend living back in hawaii and after like a couple texts she said she could see how me coming back and preparing for my mission has changed me for the better! and yeah i'm glad that i'm living how i should ..except for working out regularly haha but living by the commandments has really blessed my life and i can't wait to spread the happiness i feel to others!

so for about two weeks i lived alone cuz my parents were in canada visiting family (dude canadians are weird.) anyway but my mom and gma were like STAY WIT YOUR BRO AND WIFE its unsafe lala and i didn't listen but my friend stayed over a couple nights and omg it was freeeeeezing and when my dad came out we realized cuz the pilot light for the heat was off. I COULD HAVE DIED. but not really. i just wish i was in hawaii.. sigh

aaaand i can't really think of anything else to write about it.. might be of fear of getting caught at work lol but bye for now! i'll post up some pictures later :)