Monday, December 31, 2012


I guess I should reflect on this past year like everyone has been.. so some major events in my life were:

January: I moved back to Hawaii to work at the Polynesian Cultural Center to sell and engrave leather bracelets. It was a great learning experience. I'm just sad it ended so badly. Was preparing to go on my mission, because it was late 2011 I had a strong prompting that I should serve a mission.

July: Became good friends with a girl who I had just met. Spent every day with her. Traveling around the island, going to the beach, or just causing trouble.

August: Moved back to California because I was just being a bum and living the life out in Hawaii. Enrolled as a part time student at Chabot. Started doing insanity, but re-hurt an old back injury and have gotten fat ever since :( but started talking to a boy who would eventually be the love of my life.

September: The boy came to the bay for a wedding and hung out with me after and even though it lasted till about 2am(?) it still felt like it wasn't long enough and we thought we would never see each other again. Kept talking to him and he supported me and my decision to go on a mission. Started talking to him like he was mine and I was his.. didn't make it official because of my mission.

October: Lied to the boy and said I couldn't go to Utah for General Conference just to surprise him. Surprise ended up getting ruined hahaha was the best weekend ever. Still wasn't enough time with him. He was ashamed to hold my hand in public lol :( Started seriously working on my mission papers! Plus they lowered the age! Even though that had no effect on me because I was on track for my mission haha

November: Kept seeing the boy whenever he would come to the bay for any occasion or I could go see him. Made it official with the boy. Got my mission call to Hong Kong :) Baked a turkey for Thanksgiving.. failed because I found out it had been in the freezer for almost two years.

December: Got my endowments taken out on the first. Boyfriend came down just for it. Barely spent alone time/went on dates with him that weekend. Went to Reno for our friend's farewell. Got everyone there to fall in love with me. Flew out again two weeks later, fasted together and prayed together about each other in the temple. Received our answer. Hopefully we'll enter the temple again together in two years for time and all eternity.

So as you can see boyfriend is a major event and a huge impact in my life and I'm so grateful for him. And I know he'll read this eventually and he knows how bad I am at expressing my feelings. But he's such a major part of my life that I can't wait for life to happen, because I know he'll be in it. I hope our love for each other will never stop or go away and that we'll just keep on loving each other. I know that he's in my life because I was obedient in keeping God's commandments and that God blesses those who love and obey him. I'm so grateful for the gospel in my life and that me and my boyfriend can talk about the gospel and that our relationship is based around God. And even though we're long distance, the distance has made us cherish each other more and made our love stronger. It's so crazy to think that he's been in my life for such a short period of time. But he is the love of my life and my best friend and my future eternal companion. I love/hate that in such a short period of time he knows me soo much more than I know myself and that each day I can feel my love grow and grow. I love that he loves me for me despite all my shortcomings and I could go on and on.. but okay, well cheesy post pau. But I love my baby, and I know that me going on my mission will be hard for both of us, but will bless us sooooo much. And I can't wait for our adorable babies in the future :)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

We've got something special.

Can't wait till 18 months is pau.

I flew into Reno Friday night and in the morning we went through the temple and did sealings too. Everything felt so right! It was super spiritual and we had fasted together and broke our fast in the celestial room and we both felt that each other was the right choice for each other. Monday we finally had a date night kind of thing but I woke up pretty late so we didn't have much alone time :( but we ate then went to the mall. I wanted to take ugly sweater pictures with Santa but they just closed the line as we got there. We actually went and looked at rings lol we were talking later about how weird it was that it wasn't weird for us to be doing that. Later though I told him that I decided to just let him pick out the ring and trusted his judgement.
Leaving back home yesterday was the saddest thing ever. My heart literally hurt because we weren't sure if this was our last weekend together. I really hope it isn't. He promised me it wasn't. I miss him.

Wasn't snowing before we entered the temple!
Awkward hands and matching hats
Date night! Tried a buffalo burger

Family friend's brother. Looking like a family photo haha

Sunday, December 16, 2012


I finally went to a chiropractor for my back. Up until recently the pain was very on and off but now it's almost all the time. I went to physical therapy through kaiser but didn't feel like that was helping so I stopped. But Friday I went and the doctor did an x-ray and I found out my spine leans slightly to the right and I have a strain deeper than the surface. I'm grateful for chiropractors and hopefully will get this fixed before I report to the mtc!

Oh and I saw this great quote on my friend's Facebook status. Funny because just the night before I was talking to my boyfriend about this. But it says, "if satan can't make you unworthy, he'll try and make you busy" we should always have time for God. Whether it just be saying a quick prayer or reading a couple scriptures.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Random thought

I wish when I was in Hawaii I used my dslr more and photographed people.

This weekend

treated me well. Love you Reno! See you soon :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Kinda Grown Up.

Seriously, this weekend went by super fast.

But to start it off, Friday night after work I went to go teach a lesson with the sister missionaries (which I had TOTALLY forgot about till my lunch break that day) I was sooo exhausted after work, but it was definitely worth it! The Spirit was so strong and I even got to speak a couple times! Well, the first time I spoke was because one of the sisters invited me to bare my testimony about a time I felt the Spirit. Afterwards, we got to go meet with a member who wasn't able to come to church because of transportation issues. (A lot of members that come to the Chinese branch at the Oakland temple commute from all over, like my parents. It's a 30 min drive, but after living in Hawaii that's nothing bahaha) But seriously, he was the cutest old man and he even remembered me from a year ago! I'm glad I got to go since sister missionaries can't visit members of the opposite gender without an accompanying member of the same gender. After they dropped me off at bart, I was tired but soo happy at the same time.
I got home and me and my mom cleaned the house in like 2 hours, faster than our normal six months haha why? Because my boyfriend and his bro and friend were coming!!!! Why?! Because I was going through the temple on Saturday morning! So he had to work until 10pm Friday night and they left Reno at about 12, so they called me at about 3:30am so I let them in and went back to bed haha

Saturday morning, woke up and didn't even put makeup on because boyfriend over here said I might cry during the end of my session. (I didn't -____-) But we went through the temple and I learned something about my dear mother, who was my escort through. She really doesn't know how to be reverent and whisper lol but my sister in law, my dad, my bf, his bro Toni and our friend Soni all came through the temple with me :) I'm glad I got to share this experience with my loved ones! Afterwards, we went to this buffet my family loves going to. And afterwards, the Reno boys told me that this place was super good and the buffet that they always go to in Reno is like dookie compared to this place and all me and my family could do was laugh! Then we all went our separate ways, my brother, his wife and my parents went to go grocery shopping around Chinatown and me and the Reno boys went to drop me off and so they could change and nap. But I followed along so my babes could change and then come back to my house and hang out with my parentssss. So we were on the couch; him watching football and me with my head on his lap doing hw on the iPad and just hanging out. It was awesome.
Then we got picked up by the two other boys and went down to San Jose to see their girls haha we went to Christmas in the Parks and it was raining but right as I got my jacket, it stopped. Of course -___- then we all met up with my parents and bro and his wife to eat pho but we kinda went late so like 10 after we got there they left haha

Sunday - they were supposed to come to church, but I got a text a 7am that their dad called and their rental was supposedly due at 1pm so they were going to leave right away. So they were going to come and say bye. I fall back asleep and an hour later he calls and is like "mmmm what're you doing?" and then goes on to explain that the rental isn't due till 11:30pm so he was like lets go eatttt. We get in the car and its POURRRRRING we went on the freeway (last min, after I told them to go to SJ so they could take their girls to eat too) and the boys so a car flipped over with someone either crawling out of the car or crawling in to get someone out. That's so scary! But there was a flash flood warning and the sidewalks were flooded! But we went to Ihop and ate sooooo much! We hung out at the bro's gf's house for a bit then they came to my house and watched football and I cooked dinner so they ate and then left. But before they left, my mom shared some gospel related stuff with them and the Spirit again was so strong. She broke down some barriers with some of boys :) But then they left and I watched Christmas devotional and it was awesome!

All in all, this weekend was awesome and went by super fast. And it's so totally real with my boyfriend. (which is still really weird for me to say.. "boyfriend" ahahahahahahaha)

I'm endowed!

Christmas in the Parks!
The boys with my parents, my mom looks so small ahaahahaha

Saturday, November 17, 2012

New Chapter in My Life

So.. yesterday I got my mission call!!!!! I've been called to the China Hong Kong mission for my church! I report January 30, sooo basically in 2 and a half months. I'm glad I'm not reporting way later then my availability date, I was scared I was going to get sent out later ever since they've changed the age for missionaries to serve.

I remember how it went down too, because I was at work and I had JUST tweeted about it. Something like how I wasn't even stressing about getting my call until I kept getting texts from my friends asking if I had received it yet. And like literally five minutes after, my dad calls me and is like "it's here" and I remember asking him "ARE YOU SERIOUS DONT JOKE ARE YOU JOKING?!?!?" and he just responds super monotone and in Chinese he goes, "I don't have time to joke around, it's really here" and I could just see him making this face -______- ahahahha and it was about 4:30 or 4:45pm with me getting off work at 5pm, I just kept tweeting and going crazy and texted everyone!

The bart ride home was sooooooo crazy haha I was torn between opening my call that night or the next day with some a couple friends and family but I decided to just open it that night and my sister in law recorded it. So my brother and sister in law picked me up from bart and we had to make a quick stop and my sister in law asked if I had read my patriarchal blessing, because sometimes it gives clues as to where you'll get assigned, and so I keep this super tiny printout in my wallet and I read it and I remember thinking "omg this was the best idea ever, to read my patriarchal blessing before I go home and open my call" but I got home and I just remember opening it, looking to where I was called to and laughing because just the night before I was talking to my brother and even said, "you know what, even if I get called to Hong Kong, I'd be fine with it. Because we have so much family there so I'd get fed all the time AAAAAND I'll lose hecka weight from walking and the humidity" And so opening my call I couldn't help but laugh. Especially because my brother served there and this was about to be BYU-Hawaii all over again. "Ohhh you're Luke's little sister?!" I would answer yes, but over time I just started saying no lol but oh well I'm excited :) I even have my farewell date! My two really good friends from BYU-Hawaii are trying to come down for that! AHHH SO excited for life!

Moments right before I opened my call!

Friday, November 16, 2012

" center is fun!"

Last night I went to go see an advanced screening of Rise of the Guardians! I love getting free passes for advanced screenings of movies! This was my..third one? But it was super good and a great movie for kids to see.

I'm signed up through this website, gofobo and they emailed me about a movie playing in Hawaii and I was like" oh yeahhh I forgot about this website" and so I searched up my Cali zip and there was one for this week, so I rsvp'd! And there were special instructions to "bring a toy to cut to the front of the line" and my brother picked me up from Bart right after work and we went and met his wife and she said there was a huuuge line and just as we got there they were slowly letting people in. But I had followed the special instructions and brought three stuffed animals!! So we got to cut everyone and we felt cool ahah but yeah the movie was cute, witty and the animation was really good! We even got Chipotle after, and I was happy because I haven't had it in foreverrrr! But I really need to start working out again.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


so i stalk photography websites and they make sooooooooo jeaous when i see engagement/wedding/baby photos -______________-

its okay, i'm still young right? :')

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Today's outfit I posted on ig! Kbye

neglection already

sooooo many times i'm like "oooh i gotta update my blog" and then i get really tired and forget ahaha but lets see..
 i submitted my mission papers about two or three sundays ago and i should be getting my call this week! i am super excited and i just made a facebook event so people can guess and then when i do get my call i'll be able to just post it there for them to see!  so smart lol it's pretty funny to see where people are thinking i'll go. but i'm pretty sure i'm going stateside and i'm okay with that. but i'm actually secretly typing this at work because i'm here alllll the time. working that 9-5!

oh i finally made it official with my boo.. ahah after like two months of talking to him like we were together i told him how i didn't really feel the need to be 100% committed to him because it's not official and so he was like "i don't see why not" and i was like "....i'll think about it" ahahahaha but i went to see him two sundays ago in sacramento and then we made it official. it's crazy how fast and natural things have been with him. i'm so grateful and blessed for him and that the Lord blessed me with him. i'm actually super excited for life haha but i've told him that if it doesn't work out and he finds another girl on the mission then that's fine and its all in the Lord's plan. but when people ask me why i don't just marry him right now its like. no. my plan was to go on a mish and 18 months is nothing compared to forever. -___- and it was pretty interesting on sunday, i was texting my friend living back in hawaii and after like a couple texts she said she could see how me coming back and preparing for my mission has changed me for the better! and yeah i'm glad that i'm living how i should ..except for working out regularly haha but living by the commandments has really blessed my life and i can't wait to spread the happiness i feel to others!

so for about two weeks i lived alone cuz my parents were in canada visiting family (dude canadians are weird.) anyway but my mom and gma were like STAY WIT YOUR BRO AND WIFE its unsafe lala and i didn't listen but my friend stayed over a couple nights and omg it was freeeeeezing and when my dad came out we realized cuz the pilot light for the heat was off. I COULD HAVE DIED. but not really. i just wish i was in hawaii.. sigh

aaaand i can't really think of anything else to write about it.. might be of fear of getting caught at work lol but bye for now! i'll post up some pictures later :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

almost there

so i just finished my interview with my stake president and once i finish up my part of my mission application we're basically almost and ready to hook! and just for fun at the end pres criddle wanted to guess where i'd get sent. so he guessed new york south or singapore. so let's see if he's right in a couple months yeah? i'm sooo excited!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


i found my medical forms!!! now i just gotta clean my room and get rid of clothes ..i seriously never realized how much clothes i have. it's ridic, i blame my clothes hoarding on my mother

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


i miss this, this was from my new years trip with my parents this year.


yay! so me just being a super super SUUUUPER part time student, i sleep allllll the time ahaha but today my dad called me at 11 and about half an hour later i got a call from the hr guy at the company i had applied and interviewed for saying i got the job! i am sooooo excited yet scared and nervous! 3 out of 5 days i'm going to be working 9-5 and the place i'm working at is about half an hour away in oakland so i'm probably going to be taking bart. i'm even thinking about getting a membership to 24 because there's a gym right by the office i am going to be working at! getting skinny AND being responsible! :O and my boo comes this weekend! the weekend right before i start at this place i am sooooo excited for life right now. :) ps should be submitting my mission papers by the end of the month! ..i just gotta find my medical forms again i ALWAYS had them right by my bed and now i no can find. eh irrrits.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


so i really enjoy my alone time and I don't mind going shopping or being seen in public alone. so today after class i went to el pollo loco for the first time!

 it was pretty good and after i went to target and got these two cute items that I'm pretty excited to wear..
i just need new pants lol


so i had another blog once upon a time, and since then have not posted sooooo i decided i probably should start using one again and since i like fresh starts, i made a new one. plus that blog was linked to my old email.

buuuuut so idk how to start this. do i introduce myself? uh i was born in kahuku, hi and then was raised in the bay area california.. and lived in utah (aka bootah) and canada in-between, but those arent really important. after high school i attended byu-hawaii and worked out in laie and then moved back to the bay like two months ago because i had started to work on my mission papers. and this past general conference they announced that the age for missions has changed lol uh i could've been back by now. but i guess i'm dating this awesome guy but he's four hours away in reno. but he is an rm and it's kind of crazy how fast and different my life has changed in the past 3 or 4 months

so this past weekend was general conference and i totally went out to utah with my parents to surprise him and he is going to remain unnamed unless you're my friend on facebook then you'll see his name ahahaha but here's a picture cuz we're totally cute

 lately i've been super homesick for hawaii and i hate (not really) that instagram has the photomap feature because i totally have choke pics in hawaii and i was looking through them and getting all sad and teary-eyed. okay well that's all that i'm going to post for now haha i have class. rahj