Monday, December 31, 2012


I guess I should reflect on this past year like everyone has been.. so some major events in my life were:

January: I moved back to Hawaii to work at the Polynesian Cultural Center to sell and engrave leather bracelets. It was a great learning experience. I'm just sad it ended so badly. Was preparing to go on my mission, because it was late 2011 I had a strong prompting that I should serve a mission.

July: Became good friends with a girl who I had just met. Spent every day with her. Traveling around the island, going to the beach, or just causing trouble.

August: Moved back to California because I was just being a bum and living the life out in Hawaii. Enrolled as a part time student at Chabot. Started doing insanity, but re-hurt an old back injury and have gotten fat ever since :( but started talking to a boy who would eventually be the love of my life.

September: The boy came to the bay for a wedding and hung out with me after and even though it lasted till about 2am(?) it still felt like it wasn't long enough and we thought we would never see each other again. Kept talking to him and he supported me and my decision to go on a mission. Started talking to him like he was mine and I was his.. didn't make it official because of my mission.

October: Lied to the boy and said I couldn't go to Utah for General Conference just to surprise him. Surprise ended up getting ruined hahaha was the best weekend ever. Still wasn't enough time with him. He was ashamed to hold my hand in public lol :( Started seriously working on my mission papers! Plus they lowered the age! Even though that had no effect on me because I was on track for my mission haha

November: Kept seeing the boy whenever he would come to the bay for any occasion or I could go see him. Made it official with the boy. Got my mission call to Hong Kong :) Baked a turkey for Thanksgiving.. failed because I found out it had been in the freezer for almost two years.

December: Got my endowments taken out on the first. Boyfriend came down just for it. Barely spent alone time/went on dates with him that weekend. Went to Reno for our friend's farewell. Got everyone there to fall in love with me. Flew out again two weeks later, fasted together and prayed together about each other in the temple. Received our answer. Hopefully we'll enter the temple again together in two years for time and all eternity.

So as you can see boyfriend is a major event and a huge impact in my life and I'm so grateful for him. And I know he'll read this eventually and he knows how bad I am at expressing my feelings. But he's such a major part of my life that I can't wait for life to happen, because I know he'll be in it. I hope our love for each other will never stop or go away and that we'll just keep on loving each other. I know that he's in my life because I was obedient in keeping God's commandments and that God blesses those who love and obey him. I'm so grateful for the gospel in my life and that me and my boyfriend can talk about the gospel and that our relationship is based around God. And even though we're long distance, the distance has made us cherish each other more and made our love stronger. It's so crazy to think that he's been in my life for such a short period of time. But he is the love of my life and my best friend and my future eternal companion. I love/hate that in such a short period of time he knows me soo much more than I know myself and that each day I can feel my love grow and grow. I love that he loves me for me despite all my shortcomings and I could go on and on.. but okay, well cheesy post pau. But I love my baby, and I know that me going on my mission will be hard for both of us, but will bless us sooooo much. And I can't wait for our adorable babies in the future :)

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