Wednesday, December 26, 2012

We've got something special.

Can't wait till 18 months is pau.

I flew into Reno Friday night and in the morning we went through the temple and did sealings too. Everything felt so right! It was super spiritual and we had fasted together and broke our fast in the celestial room and we both felt that each other was the right choice for each other. Monday we finally had a date night kind of thing but I woke up pretty late so we didn't have much alone time :( but we ate then went to the mall. I wanted to take ugly sweater pictures with Santa but they just closed the line as we got there. We actually went and looked at rings lol we were talking later about how weird it was that it wasn't weird for us to be doing that. Later though I told him that I decided to just let him pick out the ring and trusted his judgement.
Leaving back home yesterday was the saddest thing ever. My heart literally hurt because we weren't sure if this was our last weekend together. I really hope it isn't. He promised me it wasn't. I miss him.

Wasn't snowing before we entered the temple!
Awkward hands and matching hats
Date night! Tried a buffalo burger

Family friend's brother. Looking like a family photo haha

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